City of Winchester Missouri

City of Winchester, MO - Residents - Other Available Services

VOTER REGISTRATION:  During regular business hours at City Hall and at all St. Louis County Library branches. 

NOTARY PUBLIC SERVICES:  During regular business hours at City Hall (current picture ID is required).

BICYCLE REGISTRATION:  During regular business hours at City Hall.  A registration form is filled out and a free permanent registration sticker is placed on the bike.  This program serves two purposes:  One to reduce the number of thefts, and the other to provide a means of ID if the bike is stolen or lost.  You should call City Hall to make an appointment to register your bike. 

VACATION CHECKS:  The St. Louis County Police Department, as a part of the contract with the City of Winchester, provides Vacation Checks for those residents who are leaving town for more than three days.  By calling the neighborhood station phone number (636/529-8210), the day before you leave, your home will be checked each day until you return.  This is a year-round service provided free of charge to all reisdents upon request.

NEWSLETTER:  Mailed to each residence approximately eight times a year.  The Newsletter will keep you informed on all items of interest in the City:  activities, Aldermanic meetings, deadlines, licesnse renewals, etc.

In compliance with the City of Winchester Municipal Code, Chapter 610, the residents of the City are entitled to be registered at City Hall on a "no visit" list to try to eliminate unwelcome visitations.

The City keeps a "No Visit List" that will identify the addresses of residents that do not wish to be contacted.  If you wish to be added to the list, please provide us with your name and address.  Any itinerant merchant registering with the City Hall will be given your address only.