City of Winchester Missouri

City of Winchester, MO - Police

In Emergencies, Call 911 for Police, Fire & Ambulance
The Police Protection for the City of Winchester is provided by contract with the St. Louis County Police Department.

St. Louis County Police

  • Non - Emergency 636-529-8210
  • West County Precinct 636-225-0425

Missouri Hwy Patrol     314/340-4000


ANTI-GANG UNIT: Conducts street level investigations into gang activity.  Drug transactions, graffiti, drive-by shooting targets and violent crime activity are successfully suppressed by the group.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH:  Neighborhood Watch is designed to include residents in the activities that happen in the community.  Neighborhood watch meetings are held on a regular bases to provide residents with the opportunity to help set the priorities in crime-fighting in their community.

BUSINESS WATCH:  A program similar to neighborhood watch, encouraging businesses to alert each other of suspicious person, activity, etc.  which  may   be occurring in malls or small shopping strips.

CITIZEN POLICE ACADEMY:  Developed as a means to inform and educate citizens about police operations, the justice system and their parnership with the community.  The classes are generally one night per week for a 6-8 week period.

COUNTY WATCH:  A computerized calling system that can transmit prepared messages to selected groups by the telephone.  This system allows groups such as neighborhood watch to request alert messages be sent ot residents in specific areas alerting them of activity in their areas or notification to members of upcoming city activities.

C.A.L.E.A.:  The Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies is an internationally accredited, professional certification process consisting of reviewing and complying with 436 standards.  This accreditation enhances the department professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness.  The St. Louis County Police Department is the largest provider of local police services in the State of Missouri to receive this accreditation.