City of Winchester Missouri

City of Winchester, MO - Municipal Court


You have received a complaint for an ordinance violation in the City of Winchester.  You may:

  1. Pay your fine by mail until two days prior to designated court date if the amount is listed below.
  2. Pay your fine in person at Winchester City Hall located at 109 Lindy Blvd. Hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  3. Pay your fine on line    To view your case on line, go to:
  1. Contest this complaint in Court at address, date and time designated on your ticket.


Speeding up to 19 miles over limit $105.00
Speeding over 20 miles over limit Must Appear in Court

Improper Vehicle Registration

$ 100.00
Expired Plates/No Plates $ 100.00
Failure to Obey Electric Signal $ 105.00
Failure to Obey Stop Sign $ 90.00
Improper Turn $ 90.00
Displaying One Plate $ 65.00
Improper Lane Use $ 90.00
No Headlights and/or Taillights $ 65.00
Failure to Signal Before Changing Lanes $ 80.00
Improper Exhaust or Muffler $ 70.00
Failure to Keep to the Right $ 80.00
Derelict Auto (First Charge) $ 75.00
Failure to Yield Right of Way $ 90.00
Improper Parking by Fire Hydrant $ 80.00
Impeding Flow of Traffic $ 75.00
Improper Parking $ 50.00
Improper Passing $ 80.00
Handicap Parking $ 135.00
No Auto Insurance $ 180.00
Blocking Driveway or Alley $ 60.00
Following too closely $ 105.00
Failure to Wear Seat Belt $ 10.00
Obscured License Plates $ 60.00


The City of Winchester Municipal court convenes at 7 PM on the first Wednesday each month at Winchester City Hall, 109 Lindy Boulevard, Winchester, MO  63021.

The Municipal Court of Winchester is responsible for providing both a process and a forum for ensuring due process of law, operating the Violations Bureau and performing all other duties provided for by the Municipal Code, ordinance and state law.  The court prepares, maintains and safeguards all records, reports and documents relating to Court activities in the required manner and within time frames established by law.  The Court is responsible for recording alleged violations of City codes or ordinances, issuing summons to defendants and witnesses, hearing evidence presented in court, ruling on cases, receipting fines and court costs and distributing such funds to their proper designations.

Your Rights In The Municipal Court of Winchester, Missouri
The Municipal Court of Winchester, Missouri is authorized by the State Constituition.  The purpose of this Court is to provide you with a place to obtain a fair and impartial trial on any citation alleging a violation.

In addition, the Court Clerk reports all case dispositions to the Missouri State Highway Patrol and reports to the Missouri Department of Revenue as required by law.  Upon conviction or a plea of guilty the Judge may order one or any combination of the following:

  • $1 to $1,000 Fine and Court Costs to be paid
  • Up to 1 year in County Jail
  • Up to 2 years probation
  • Completion of a program such as:
    DDS -- Defensive Driving School (representatives present court night)
    VIP Program -- Victim Impact Program
    SATOP -- Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program
    ADEP -- Alcohol Drug Education Program
    In addition, points may be assessed against your driver's license for certain traffic violations

This Court does not settle questions of civil money claims between private citizens.

All person entering the court and their possessions are subject to search by security personnel. No weapons of any kind. No knives of any kind, shape or size.

Court  Begins:
When you arrive at court, proceed into the courtroom and have a seat.  When your name is called you may proceed forward to the Court Bailiff.

While In The Courtroom, You Are Expected To:

Dress appropriately.
Remain seated until your case is called.
Not smoke or consume food or drink.
Not talk or make noise.
Not sleep or otherwise disrupt the court proceedings.
Remove all hats.

You have a right to plead (1) guilty or (2) not guilty.  You are presumed to be innocent unless and until the City's prosecution proves your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  When reasonable doubt exists, the case will be decided in your favor.  If, after the charge is read and you understand it, you feel you have violated the law, you may enter a plea of guilty.  If you wish to explain the circumstances surrounding the charge to the judge, you may do so.  If you believe you have not violated the law nor have a defense to the alleged violation, you should plead not guilty.  If in doubt, plead not guilty.  You are not given a heavier penalty because of the not guilty plea. 

You have the right to be represented by an attorney:

If You Plead Guilty:

  • You will be sentenced that evening.
  • The Court may allow you time to pay your fine.  If you are given an extension to pay your fine, you will be allowed to make that payment in the Violation Bureau, during normal working hours.  

If You Plead Not Guilty:

Because of the number of cases before the court each month and the need to have the officer and any witnesses present, your case cannot be heard tonight.  You will be given a future court date for trial.

  • At trial, you have a right to testify or remain silent.  If you remain silent, it is not considered and admission of guilt.  If you testify, the Judge may consider any statement you make in determining your guilt or innocence.
  • You have a right to have subpoenas issued for witnesses in your behalf to appear at the trial and to question all witnesses who testify against you at trial.   Delivery of subpoenas will be up to the defendant.
  • If you are found not guilty, the case ends.
  • You may, if found guilty, accept the decision of the Municpal Court or appeal your case to the Circuit Court of St. Louis County, where you may have a new trial before a different Judge.  The request for appeal must be made within 10 days  of entry of the decision of the court and cannot be extended for any reason.  To appeal, there is also a $35.00 filing fee payable to the Circuit Clerk of St. Louis County Court for appeals and $85.00 to get a case for certification of jury trial.  Court personnel upon request will explain complete details of the appeal procedure to you.

In traffic cases, the objective of this court is to reduce the number of accidents and injuries and to make our streets safer.  Careful driving is the daily responsibility of each one of us.

Attorneys requesting a recommendation:

  • Entries are accepted via mail, please include a self addressed stamped envelope.  You will receive your recommendation in the mail in two to three weeks after the assigned court date.


  • For Information on Municipal court, please contact:

Diane Tomlin-Bledsoe
Court Administrator
109 Lindy Blvd. 
Winchester, MO  63021
636/391-0600  636/391-6365 fax

To view your case on line, go to:

To make a payment go to