City of Winchester Missouri

City of Winchester, MO - Residents - Parking

NO PARKING:  Parking is prohibited at all times on some streets in Winchester.  These streets are clearly marked with NO PARKING SIGNS.

24-HOUR PARKING:  The City of Winchester also has an ordinance which prohibits parking for an uniterrupted period of time longer than 24-hours on any street within the city limits.

COMMERCIAL TRUCKS OR TRAILERS:  These vehicles may not be parked for a period of more than one hour on any street in the residential area when not in the process of loading or unloading. 
PODS (temporary storage units) may be placed either in the driveway or in an approved paved parking area, not in any public right-of-way.  At the discretion of the Code Enforcement Official, the unit may be placed in an alternative location, provided that the alternative location does not create an unsafe condition.  No "POD" may be placed on or at a property without obtaining a (no fee)permit.  Applications for the permit may be obtained at City Hall.

SNOW PARKING:  Parking is prohibited on one side of many streets in the City of Winchester during Snow Emergencies.  A Snow Emergency automatically goes into effect on any part of the designated streets where parking is prohibited between the hours of 6AM and 11PM of any day, when there has been an accumulation of snow and/or ice of two inches or more.  The streets on which parking is prohibited are:

  • North side of street East of Lindy
    Lakeside, Ballwin, Orchard, Hillcrest, St. Lawrence
  • West side of Chamberlin
  • West side of Rosedale
  • No parking West of Lindy
    North side of Evergreen, St. Lawrence
    South side of James, Hillcrest
    East side of Fairview, Lindy south of Hillcrest
    West side of Solley
  • No parking on the north side of street on Roland