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St Louis County's Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program

Is your home a health hazard for your children?  Do you have lead-based paint?  Do you have children or grandchildren playing at your house?  St. Louis County's lead-based paint hazard control program offers NO-COST home improvements to help keep your children safe.  These improvements may include window and door replacement, exterior trim enclosure and interior and exterior painting.  

In order to qualify you must meet the following criteria:

You own a home in St. Louis County built before 1978

You are current on your property taxes

You have a child under the age of six living in the home OR you have a child under the age of six who frequently visits the home

You have an adjusted household income that meets HUD guildlines

Contact:  Bradley R. Waller: 314-615-4428 or e-mail: bwaller! in the Office of Community Development