City of Winchester Missouri


Play it safe and check with City Hall before you start that residential or commercial improvement project.  Permits may be required for many projects (permit authorization forms must be displayed prior to the beginning of construction) including:

New home construction Home additions
Re-hab existing structures Patio covers
Retaining walls over 2 ft. Glass enclosures
Excavations * Monuments
Sheds Demolitions
Garage/carports and/or Decks
garage/carport additions Pools & hot tubs
Basement finishing or Fences
remodeling Signs *

In addition, St. Louis County requires the issuing and diplaying of permits for the following projects (prior to starting work):
Phone Numbers:

Mechanical  314-615-7806
Electrical     314-615-3722
Plumbing     314-615-3723  

Plumbing Mechanical      Electrical
Demolition Explosives       Weights & measures
Water/sewer connection    

The CIty of Winchester contracts with Ballwin to review, approve and perform the necessary inspections for building permits.  You will need to go to Ballwin City Hall at #1 Government Center to complete the application, pay their fee and obtain the permit when it is required.   

BUILDING PERMIT COST - The fee for a building permit depends upon the type of project, the number of inspections required, and the cost of the project.  A certificate of insurance or construction bond may also be required. 
Reminder:  Municipal Code stipulates that building permit fees are doubled if work begins before a permit is secured. 

PERMIT DEPOSIT - Residential and commercial permit applications require a non-refundable deposit.  Upon Building Department approval of your application, the deposit will be credited to the total cost of your permit.  If the Building Department does not approve and issue a permit, the deposit will help cover the Building Commissioner's fee for review of the plans.

Ordinance #1064  - An ordinance repealing Section 500.140:  Adoption of residential code; amendments code and Ordinance No. 1053, 1055 and 1057 and adoption of the International Residential Code 2009 Edition, as adopted and amended by St. Louis County in County Ordinance No. 24,427.

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Ordinance #1065 - An ordinance repealing Section 500.120: Adoption of the Building Code and Section 500.130: Amendments to Building Code of the Municipal Code and Ordinance No. 1,054,1,055,1,057 of the City of Winchester and Enacting a new Section 500.120:  Adoption of the International Building Code 2009 Edition, as adopted and amended by St. Louis County Ordinance No. 24,427 as the Building Code of the City of Winchester, St. Louis County, Missouri in lieu thereof.

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